Luceline Orchard

Besides the leaves changing, the second best thing about fall is all of the apples.  I’ve been noticing a lot more apples in the grocery store.  Joel heard about an orchard near our place and since it opened a month ago I’ve been planning a stop.

The orchard is located on an 155 acre property near Watertown, MN on the Luce Line Trail-hence the name of the orchard :)  The family owned orchard was started in 2004 with 300 apple trees, and today is just shy of 10,000 trees, 4500 grape vines and 10 acres of pumpkins.

Luceline Orchard

Luceline Orchard

Apple varities

We bought some zestar!!

This is a very family friendly place and knowing that ahead of time we knew we couldn’t show up on a Saturday afternoon and find it empty.  We decided to go on Sunday morning and found it to be pretty calm.  We walked around the grounds and explored the area.  There were some cute farm animals for the kids to pet and feed.

Apple store

Apple store

In July 2015, a tornado touched down by the orchard and took out 5000 of their trees.  It didn’t affect their apple crop because it sounded like most of them were new fruit trees they planted, but it still did some damage.  We followed the nature trail and there were signs with info on where the tornado touched down and what happened.  The big log below was a casualty from the storm.

Short hiking trail

Nature trail

Big log!

Big log!

After walking around we settled on buying 1/2 peck of Zestar apples and a couple caramel apples.  This orchard was really cute and I’m glad we were able to stop and check it out.

It was a busy place

It was a busy place


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